Jamie Oliver on TED

Jamie expresses his wish to teach every child about food and fight obesity


post workout shakes?

post workout shakes?

‘I have been avoiding post workout shakes for quite a few years now. In fact, I typically wait 1-2 hours after working out before I eat any type of calories. This flies in the face of the standard “science based” idea of post workout nutrition. Why do I wait so long, when others are rushing to the locker room to chug down protein shakes? It is actually pretty simple.’

should women do the same workouts as men?

should women do the same workouts as men?

‘Let me start out by defining how men typically train. Most men tend to train their chest and biceps (I call these the mirror-muscles) and then maybe perform a couple of deadlifts and a set of squats. In other words, a typical male workout is usually not well rounded in terms of exercise choices.’

insulin and fat loss

insulin and fat loss

‘If you are like me, you sometimes “zone out” a bit when articles talk about things like insulin. It reminds me of reading a textbook in college or high school, where your mind wanders while reading a page. You have to go back and re-read that page to understand the concepts. It doesn’t help to read the words if you don’t pay attention to what is being talked about. I’m going to attempt to write a very simple, straightforward article on insulin and how it effects fat loss.’

fat – the 4 different types

fat – the 4 different types

‘I was going to write a post on dietary fats, because I believe it is crucial to know what is good, what to avoid, etc. Instead of doing a “decent” post on the subject, I asked my friend Scott Kustes ofFitness Spotlight to write an exclusive post for Fitness Black Book.’